New Year: 4 Steps to Getting Started


Happy New Year to you all! Much love and blessings to you for this next phase of your life. 

Are you setting any new intentions for your life in 2019? How about your love life? If you are still single and desire to be part of a loving couple, then I hope you take a few minutes to consider just what you might do differently this year. 

You may have set new intentions and that’s a good start, but intentions need to be accompanied by positive attitude and right action for the result you’re seeking. Dale Carnegie, famous author and speaker once said, 

“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy." 

You may be thinking, that’s good advice, but also feeling unsure of what to do next. Read on to find out where to begin.

First, check in with your body and sense any tension you have just thinking about this subject. Take a few deep breaths and relax because you don’t have to make any serious decisions right now in this moment. You can take your time to decide what next step is right for you.

One of the things my group coaching clients’ report they like about the Love Coaching Program is the step-by-step process I take them through over the course of three months. It’s non-threatening, safe and we have tons of fun. At the conclusion of the program, they are always surprised at the changes they’ve easily made without pain and suffering.

Secondexplore your options. What will happen if you do nothing? Will lady luck smile upon you and deliver the love of your life in a package, wrapped up with a bow and tag that reads, “I’m the one”? If this was going to happen, why hasn’t it already? It hasn’t happened because it’s not about luck.

You can learn the process used by thousands of happily coupled women and accelerate your love connection. Aren’t you tired of waiting around and hoping or wishing or just plain fantasizing? Say yes to yourself and decide you can and will take a step forward that will put you directly in control.

Third, make a list of the things you have tried and haven’t worked. You know, like going to places and events you really didn’t want to attend anyway, blind dates, online dating sites, dating unsuitable men just to get out of the house and/or staying in unfulfilling relationships, etc. Do you really want to try these things again? I hope you’re saying no, no and really no. Enough is enough. They haven’t worked thus far and aren’t likely to work now.

Fourthdecide to be brave, really just a tiny bit brave and send me an email requesting your complimentary phone consultation. I’m sure you have questions and I’ll answer them for you. Talking to me isn’t a commitment to do anything other than learn more about what my Group Love Coaching Program can do for you. Then you can decide if it’s a fit. I want every single woman who wants a love relationship with her ideal partner to have just that. You can have it. I’m here to show you how and to support you through the process. Let’s talk! You’ll be so happy we did.

Let’s make this your year to say yes to taking action to support your intention. I’m here to show you how to attract love in a fun, safe and powerful way. Registration is opening for the first Group Love Coaching Program. To apply you’ll want to schedule a short complimentary interview with me. Remember: Not everyone is accepted into this unique program. We’ll talk and decide together if this is a fit for you. January is a busy month for me, but I’m committed to making time for every woman who wants to apply. 

Until next time remember: Intention + attitude + action = success. 

Sending you all much love, peace and joy now and always,

Your biggest fan,


Denver Love Coach