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Love Coaching Program: It's All About You

I help authentic women attract and keep authentic love  (6 complimentary videos below)

Do you want to know the “secrets” to attracting your special someone – someone who’s ready to fully commit to you and your love relationship and marriage? (Watch this 2 minute video: What If I Don't Do Anything?)

Have you tried everything you know how to do and listened to a ton of advice that didn’t work out?

Friends and relatives have the best intentions, but they don’t always give the best advice. It’s not because they don’t want to, it’s because they don’t know what to recommend other than the outdated advice someone once gave them. (Watch this short video: Relationship Expert or Relatives?)

Do you want a real partnership on all levels (physically, emotionally, intellectually and spiritually) with a “substantially compatible” partner who shares your values?

A “substantially compatible” partner is someone with whom you share common interests, values and preferences. That doesn’t mean you are exactly alike – it means you have more in common than not. “Substantial compatibility” means you can enjoy your life together rather than spending time in unnecessary conflict over lifestyle issues. Look, all couples have differences – some small and others more significant. It’s not the number of differences you may have with a potential mate; it’s about how they impact the longevity and happiness of your relationship. Some differences are good and others are simply deal breakers.

If you are done looking everywhere and not finding what you want, let’s talk. (Watch this short video: Tired of Waiting for Him?)

If you think “Mr. Right for You” does not even exist, let’s talk.  (Watch this very short video: Do You Have a Love Block?)

If you are ready for real advice from women who have what you are seeking, let’s talk.  (Watch this 2 min. video: Getting Him to Ask You Out?)

My Love Coaching Program – It’s All About You will set you up for success without the struggle and hassle of the endless searching. You can choose my live-in person Group Coaching Program, when it is available, or my one-on-one personal coaching program. Either way, your days of frustration and searching can be over. You can learn to attract authentic love and learn skills to sustain your relationship for the long-term. Watch this short video: Your Personal Love Attraction Plan).

In this fun and powerful program you’ll learn:
  • Exactly what has been keeping you stuck and blocking your ideal love relationship
  • New tools for effectively dissolving those emotional blocks keeping you single
  • How to feel far more confident about dating
  • How to attract the right match for you
  • How to claim your desire for a life partner in a way that facilitates that reality
  • How to recognize emotionally unavailable men right away
  • How to handle common dating dilemmas
  • New ways to change your dating patterns forever
  • A new process for deciding exactly what you want in a partner and in your love relationship
  • How to get ready to date again with your personal attraction heightened and without the jitters and uncertainty you may have experienced in the past
  • The one thing men desire in a relationship (more than sex)
  • The top three things that send men running away
  • Just how to let the right man pursue you – no games, no worries

If you are tired of waiting and want an authentic love connection, then contact me for a complimentary consultation. Together we can decide if this program is right for you and I’ll answer your questions. Once you're registered for the Love Coaching Program you may submit a payment here. Both Paypal and credit cards are accepted.

You deserve the authentic love connection you’ve been seeking!

Contact me for a complimentary 20 minute consultation and I’ll answer your questions.

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