What You BELIEVE About Men & Dating Changes Everything!

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What You BELIEVE About Men & Dating Changes Everything!                 05 29 19


 Some bumper stickers are cute, some are interesting, and some are just rude. The one I saw recently said, “Don’t believe everything you think.” This one is a piece of wisdom we all should consider. As we grow older and hopefully wiser our beliefs need to evolve.

 Last week my article was about being more mindful of what we think about love, men and dating. If we consistently think the same thing it’s likely to become a belief. So today I want to encourage you to really examine some of your beliefs around love, dating, men and marriage. Just because we believe something doesn’t make it true.

 If you want to be in a loving, supportive, healthy love relationship, yet you believe it’s not possible, that falls into the category of a limiting belief. That limiting belief isn’t real unless you make it so. Everyday women of all ages fall in love and enjoy their dream love relationship and marriage. Why not you?

 I understand how discouraging it can be to want something and struggle to attain it without results. I was once there too! I know it doesn’t have to be that way and I know it’s crucial to shift these limiting beliefs in order to move forward. I’m going to give you 3 keys to begin shifting beliefs about men, dating and marriage that no longer serve you. You can do it!

 Awareness:  Sit in silence for a while and gently ask yourself, “What belief am I holding onto that no longer serves me?” Wait for something to pop into your awareness. Sit with it for a few minutes.  Becoming aware of a limiting belief is the first step to letting it go.

 You might even be surprised by what comes up for you. Karin (former client now married to her true love) was struggling to articulate what was holding her back, until I suggested perhaps it was a feeling of not being enough. Her emotional reaction to hearing these words helped her to realize that this was a deep-seated limiting belief for her. What might be holding you back from the life and the love you desire?

 Acceptance: Awareness of a limiting belief as possibly untrue might cause feelings of turmoil, anger, frustration or maybe even relief.  It’s perfectly normal to feel whatever emotion(s) come up for you. The real secret is not to stay there. As someone once said, we all must walk through the valley, but we don’t have to pitch a tent there.

 In my program I teach women a process for letting beliefs that no longer work go gently into the past. It’s not about willpower and it’s not a simple decision just to let it go. Changing a belief happens gradually as we open the door to other possibilities. The mind is a curious and powerful thing that seeks evidence to support what we believe. Are you ready to find new evidence for the courtroom in your mind?

 Action: Once a limiting belief is accepted for what it is – just a possibility that may not be true, it becomes easier to consider other more productive options.  The reason I continue working as a love relationship coach is to see the incredible transformation in a woman when she moves beyond her once limiting beliefs into the full realization of her own beauty and power to attract her authentic love match.

 I can say that you are worthy of a loving healthy romantic relationship, but nothing is going to change until you believe it yourself. It’s so important to replace limiting beliefs with ones that support you and your desires. It takes time and a willingness to embrace something new. My process is gentle, easy and powerful.

 You can do it. If you want more inspiration watch my interview with Karin again. It will give you hope and put a smile on your face for sure!

 If you want to learn more about what’s holding you back and how you can easily dissolve your limiting beliefs, contact me and let’s talk about it.  No high-pressure sales pitch – I know what it’s like to want real love and not know how to find it.

 I can’t help everyone, but I can spend a little time with you to find out if my program might be a fit for you.  It’s your choice – don’t put off what you know your heart desires. Schedule a consultation with me. It’s painless – really.

 Much love,

 Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach

 P.S. I planned to do a video for this post as I said last week, but alas my phone abruptly decided not to hold a charge long enough to for me to make a new video. More videos coming soon!