What You THINK About Men & Dating Changes Everything {VIDEO}         

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What You THINK About Men, Dating, Love Changes Everything                                      


 “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can't, you're right.”  Henry Ford said this in his now famous quote. He was making a powerful statement that what we think really matters.

Yet, I meet single women all the time who tell me things about themselves, men, dating and marriage that aren’t real and certainly aren’t getting them any closer to attracting their ideal love relationship. I know how hard changing our thoughts can be because I went through this myself.

 Thoughts really do become reality. Everything you have in your life right now was once a thought in someone’s mind. When a woman thinks she’s not enough or some version of not good enough to have the love relationship she desires, this energy deflects the very thing she wants.

I’ve seen this play out hundreds of times with the women I coach. Changing what we think isn’t easy, but there are techniques (I teach my clients) to gently shift any negative or unproductive thoughts.

 Look, we all think a lot of stuff that really isn’t true. We can’t even stop these thoughts from coming into our heads. What we can do is learn ways to pivot these unwanted intruders into something healthier. With practice we become more masterful at this process. I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “Don’t believe everything you think.” Good advice!

 A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about feeling worthy of love. Go back and read it again. It’s so important to think we can when it comes to love. Yes, really good men do exist and your special someone is out there. If you are looking for him, know that he is looking for you too. 

Dealing with our thousands of random thoughts is not easy, so today I have 3 steps to help you shift what you might be thinking about men and dating that might be helpful:

 Step 1: Stop for a few seconds and recognize the thought. Ask yourself if this thought is helpful in any way. If you’re thinking it’s going to rain so I need to take my umbrella that’s probably a great idea. If you’re thinking you’re never going to find love because it’s not meant to be for you then this is not a productive thought for you.

 Step 2: Recognize that most of our negative thinking isn’t real anyway. We all think up worst case scenarios sometimes, most of which do not happen. Once you realize this negative thought about your love life isn’t going to help you then decide to turn it around (pivot). Even if you don’t believe it now, just practice saying the opposite. Example: Turn “True love is just not meant to be for me” into “True love is coming to me.”

 Step 3: Practice, practice, practice. No one gets good at this without practice because our negative thinking has become such a habit. You can make this change. I’ve seen so many women in my coaching program actually laugh and tell me they do not even remember thinking all of the negative things they wrote down during our first session.

 There’s more to the story of shifting our thoughts to change our reality, but I hope these 3 steps will help you get started. This is always a work in progress for us all because we’re human, but what I know for sure is that it’s possible to begin thinking more productively about our life circumstances and that is the real catalyst for lasting change.

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 Much love,

 Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach