How Past Relationships Keep You from MOVING ON    (VIDEO)


How Past Relationships Keep You from Moving On                  

Does your past love relationship or marriage still haunt you? Are you still thinking about him and wonder why it didn't work out? In this video I share 3 ways this is affecting your ability to move on. You really can move past the heartbreak and/or anger and frustration.

It may not be easy to let go of the hurt or anger of a relationship gone wrong, but it is possible. My love coaching clients know this for sure.

It doesn’t have to take years and tons of struggle once you know how. If you are tired of the past standing in the way of your happiness then reach out and schedule your “Get Unstuck” call with me. I’d love to talk with you. I was there once myself so I know how life changing it can be to ask for guidance and support.

How Past Relationships Keep You from Moving On

 1.    Keeps you stuck in limbo land, feeling sorry for yourself

2.     Creates an emotional block to true intimacy

3.     Allows unfair comparisons

Remember: The love you are seeking is seeking you too! Contact me and we’ll work together to get rid of the blocks in your way. 

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