10 Signs He's NOT the ONE for You    (VIDEO)


10 Signs He’s NOT the ONE for YOU (VIDEO)                 

When a guy isn’t really right for you, there are unmistakable signs - signs we all miss sometimes because we are busy trying to make it work.. We’re just sure if we only hang in there and do things right he’ll see what a catch we are and fall madly in love with us. Unfortunately this is all too often just a fantasy instead of the reality we’re living.

How’s a girl to know? Watch this video and read the rest of this article to find out.

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear and even more challenging to accept, but as always I’m committed to giving you real information - the stuff I wish I’d known long, long ago.

The bottom line is the most important - trust your instincts. This may be easier said than done when you want so very much to be in love. However, it truly is better to be alone than to be committed to someone who is NOT deeply committed to you.

10 Signs He’s NOT the ONE for YOU:

  1.  You feel like you’re constantly on guard. Does he make you feel desired and special or do you feel unsettled when you’re with him? If he’s the one then you will feel at ease very early on in the relationship.

  2. Your relationship feels like a see-saw. One day you’re over the moon happy and the next you’re in tears over his behavior. He sends you mixed signals which make you feel crazy and unsure of yourself. Healthy, mature men are not this volatile.

  3. You feel like your never enough for him. Any man who makes you feel this way is not emotionally mature. If he’s hyper-critical of you then he’s not the one. Please don’t try to change yourself for any love relationship. It simply won’t work for the long-term and you’ll just be miserable anyway.

  4. You feel like you’re losing yourself. Don’t give up your life interests and friends and activities just to please him. You won’t be happy and in the end he won’t appreciate you any more. Yes, a mutually satisfying love relationship changes priorities for each of you, but total self-sacrifice is not required.

  5. You have a nagging feeling you can’t trust him. Has he lied to you already? Why would he do that? What is he trying to hide? This is the time to trust your instincts. A man who lies to you early in the relationship has an integrity problem. Do you want to be feeling this way long-term?

  6. He discounts your feelings. If he’s really into you then he will want to know everything about you. He’ll want to know how you feel about life, love and everything in between. Be careful of a man who seems not to care about your emotions. He just may be a narcissist. If so, beware of a treacherous road ahead with him.

  7. He doesn’t willingly share his feelings with you. When a man won’t express how he feels about much of anything, he’s showing you a huge caution sign. This is a sign he’s emotionally closed off or immature and unwilling to invest any real effort in you. A man who doesn’t invest in the relationship isn’t into you.

  8. You have things you want to change about him. Yes, there are things you love about him, but you also have a list, maybe a long list of things you want to change about him. Beware of trying to change anything serious about him. People in general change only what they determine to change for themselves. He may promise the moon, but true change comes only from within.

  9. There are not enough shared values. In my book, The Art of Attracting Authentic Love, I write about the concept of “substantial compatibility.” Most successful couples, the couples that are able to sustain a healthy and loving relationship do not have a long list of major differences. No, you will not likely agree on everything, but your differences will not be a seriously long list or critical to your mutual happiness.

  10. Your friends and family don’t like him. Ignore this to your own detriment. Be brave and ask why even though it may be hard to hear. It’s important to know why they are not supportive of your relationship. People who love you just want the best for you so listen and consider that their concerns may be valid. Real men don’t try to isolate you from family and friends.

I hope this article has been helpful. I’m sure there are many more signs he may not be into you, so if you’ve experienced any others feel free to comment below and let me know.

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