10 Things to AVOID on a First Date    (VIDEO)


10 Things to AVOID on a First Date                  

First dates – they can be so stressful! So, stick with me and I’ll show you how to avoid the most common mistakes and take at least some of the stress out of dating.

Learning what to do and what to avoid on a first date increases your chances of getting a second date. If the time you spent together was interesting and fun, you probably want to see him again, but he won’t be feeling it even if there was initial interest, if you go down any of these paths on your first dates.

No, that isn’t a typo, I really did mean dates and not date. The beginning of a potential relationship usually involves several dates to determine if there is any mutual interest in pursuing a more intimate connection.

This article is for you if you haven’t dated in a while or if you’ve been dating, but second dates are just not happening. Most of us have done at least a few of these things, so you’re not alone.

 Read this list, learn from it and decide to make any changes you need to for yourself. (And be sure to watch the video to get the real scoop.)

 Remember: Dating is a mutual activity and so the attraction has to be mutual too!

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 10 Things to AVOID on a First Date:

 1.     Thinking it’s a date when it’s just coffee  

2.     Asking too many rapid-fire questions

3.     Wearing overly revealing clothing

4.     Drinking too much

5.     Talking too much about yourself

6.     Trash talking your former relationships

7.     Movie Dates

8.     Too much follow-up

9.     Thinking he wants a relationship because you had fun

10. Going crazy when he doesn’t ask you out again

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