2 Things We’re REALLY Good At (That Don’t Help Us)


Valentine’s Day has come and gone. How do you feel?

Don’t let this romantic holiday steal your mojo.

There is hope for you whether you’re single or stuck in a love relationship that’s going south.

There is a way forward AND you deserve to know what it is and just how it works. Sometimes we just can’t get out of our own way no matter how much we try. It’s not that we aren’t putting in any effort – it’s that we don’t know what to do to change the outcomes we’ve come to accept.

I know because I was once there myself, pretty miserable without a clue about what to do to change my situation. You don’t have to stay stuck in your love relationship quest. You CAN have a real, supportive and loving partner. You just need to recognize that you may have fallen into traps that are not helping you. Here are 2 common roadblocks to a fulfilling love connection that may sound familiar:

Tolerating things that are not acceptable in a love relationship

Women are really good at overlooking crappy behaviors from their dates/partners. Are you tired of looking the other way when he decides to treat you badly or ignores you? Many love coaching clients share the pain of being caught up in this pattern of behavior, until they realize it’s possible to end the cycle and begin with a new approach – a new plan with a new set of skills.

Doing all the work to maintain a love relationship

Most of us are especially skilled at doing everything for him and the relationship. Guess what? When you exhaust yourself doing all the work, he will let you. When a woman does everything to maintain the love relationship he actually thinks he deserves her efforts. Men are socialized to work for what they have. Whatever you give them, they assume they’ve earned it.

Do you want to move past these types of self-defeating relationship patterns and move quickly into attracting the authentic love connection you so desire?

I hope you are saying yes to yourself and to your relationship dreams this year because you’re worth it.

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Your biggest fan,

Gayla Wick

Denver Love Coach