Finding Love Now – Do You Want the Recipe?


February, the month associated with love and romance is almost over. How do you feel? Happy, in love and content or wishing you had the love relationship you so desire? 

Finding an authentic love connection does not have to mean heartbreak and struggle. You CAN have the recipe to accelerate your dreams of cuddling up with your true love. You just need to know how to get from Point A (dating frogs zone) to Point B (happily in love zone.) The path doesn’t have to include getting lost in the wilderness or being eaten alive in the swamps.

There is hope for you and it doesn’t need to take forever.

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5.0 out of 5 stars Engaging, heartfelt and valuable book

"If you're single and still looking for your love match then give yourself a gift and read The Art of Attracting Authentic Love. Wick's relationship insights come from happily married women she interviewed from across the country. You can stop doing things you don't even like to do and follow her Transformational Four-Step Process instead. As a communications expert and author of several books myself, I know how important it is to learn from someone who's been there and found an easier way. The stories are engaging and will delight you as you learn what really works to attract the authentic love you deserve." Debra Fine, author of The Fine Art of Small Talk.

There is a way forward AND you deserve to know what it is and just how it works. Sometimes we just can’t get out of our own way no matter how much we try. It’s not that we aren’t putting in any effort – it’s that we don’t know what to do to change the outcomes we’ve come to accept.

5.0 out of 5 stars There is hope and Gayla tells it better than anyone!

The Art of Attracting Authentic Love is a must read for anyone looking to find authentic love! I dated for many years (decades actually) before meeting my husband. This book describes exactly what I felt and experienced in the process of finding my soul-mate, husband and best friend. Gayla describes what I experienced so clearly and cleverly! There is hope for anyone looking for the love of their life, and this book will definitely give anyone still looking hope and encouragement. Marlow Felton, Author of Couple's Money.

Do you want to move past self-defeating relationship patterns and move quickly into attracting the authentic love connection you so desire? I hope you are saying yes to yourself and to your relationship dreams this year because you’re worth it. Watch this short video for more..

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