6 Signs He REALLY Likes You   (VIDEO)


6 Signs He REALLY Likes You   (VIDEO)                 

When a man really likes you, there are signs - some obvious and some not so much. Learning to spot these signs can really help you feel more at ease, especially in the beginning of a new relationship.

Watch this short video and then let me know if you’ve experienced a sign that let you know he really likes you!

6 Signs He REALLY Likes You   (VIDEO)

  1.  He wants to see you again. You don’t need to do anything. No texting or calling him . Let him pursue you and if he doesn’t, it’s a gift to know now rather than investing any more of your time.

  2. He maintains eye contact with you. A healthy man who really likes you will pay attention to you. He won’t be looking around the room or staring at other women.

  3. He asks questions and listens to your answers. A man who really likes you will be interested in your life and your feelings. He will most likely be trying to figure out if he has competition for your time and attention.

  4. He may adjust his clothing. A man who likes you will usually try to impress you with his appearance. He might adjust his jacket, collar or shirt in an unconscious effort to seem more appealing.

  5. He may try to make himself appearance physically larger. Psychologists who’ve studied this say when a man really likes a you he may put his hands on his hips, puff up his chest or make some other physical gesture to make himself appear larger. He is signaling you that he is a strong, masculine man able to provide and protect.

  6. He tries to help you. If he’s really into you he may offer to help you with something. Even small gestures like opening the car door for you or offering to carry your bag are good indicators. Men like to feel like they are needed. If he offers to do something to make your life easier then graciously accept. This is a sign he really likes you!

For a bonus tip be sure to watch the entire video!

I hope this has been helpful. I’m sure there are many more signs he likes you, so if you’ve experienced any others feel free to comment below and let me know.

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