What You DO About Men & Dating Changes Everything! 


What You DO About Men and Dating Changes Everything!                06 19 19

 My husband and I just celebrated our 14th wedding anniversary! Seems like such a short time ago that we met, fell in love and committed ourselves to each other in marriage. We’re even more in love and happier today than when we met. Why? Because we decided long ago to be in partnership, to treat each other with love and respect and to do things together to grow and nurture our relationship. We are creating a shared history that supports each of us.

 We love beach vacations with tons of relaxation, great food and dips in the ocean. This year we were in the Caribbean just south of Cuba on Grand Cayman Island. We make a point of expressing our gratitude for this opportunity and for each other often. We know what we think, believe, say and do really matters. This took us both a long time to learn, implement and practice so don’t be discouraged if you are not there yet. It takes commitment, practice and accepting no one is perfect, including us.

 If you’re single you may be wondering what this article has to do with you. The answer is EVERYTHING! What you DO is just as important as what you think, believe and say. We’ve all met folks who seem to be stuck in the talking mode or as I like to call it fantasizing instead of moving toward right action.

 When you make the decision to do something about your desire for an authentic love match the Universe/God conspires to support you. Yes, it takes courage to admit that what you’ve been doing hasn’t worked. I know because I was there myself – stuck in a hopeless relationship that was simply not repairable in spite of decades of trying.

 Maybe you’re stuck too or maybe you haven’t been on a date in a while or even longer. It’s okay. I know how to help you get unstuck and how to guide gently forward into a becoming a love attraction magnet for your ideal love match.

 What you choose to do or not do is a critical personal decision. You may have your thoughts aligned, your beliefs in the right place and you may even say all the right things to yourself and others, but if you do nothing, nothing is likely to change. The Universe rewards those who take action, even the tiniest step forward. What will you do differently when it comes to love, dating and men?

 I love cake so I’ll give you my cake example. If I think about making a cake, I gather the ingredients, the recipe and the cake pans. I believe I can make a good cake and may even tell someone; I’m baking a cake. This is all great, but no one will be enjoying any dessert unless I take action and actually make the cake.

 If you’d like to know more about what you can do to find love contact me and we’ll schedule a call to discover just where you might be stuck. Let’s call it a “Get Unstuck” session. In 30 minutes, you’ll:

 ·       Know what’s keeping you stuck without the love you want

·       Have a strategy for getting unstuck and

·       Leave the call with 3 ways to change your dating life right away.

 This can be your time for love, for the relationship that you know you want to enrich your life every day. True love is not a Unicorn. It REALLY does exist for those who want it and are willing to find out how to get it.


 Much love,

 Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach

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P.P.S. Yes, this is a photo of the beach where we were.