Do You Need a Relationship Spring Cleaning?


Spring was in the air today as I was out for lunch with a friend.I know I’m looking forward to some warm weather and tons of sunshine soon. I’m not complaining though because we have an average of 300 days of sunshine a year here in gorgeous Colorado. Winter is just as special, but I love being outside where I can take a long walk and refresh my mind, body and soul.

If you feel like you need to refresh your mind, body and soul after a relationship hiatus or if you’re suffering through the end of love relationship gone awry, then I have a few tips for you.

Give yourself a break from unhappy thoughts. A good distraction always helps. Go to lunch with a friend, take a long walk, do a craft project or work on something you’ve been wanting to do. Give yourself a real break from worry and frustration.

Ask for help when you need it. It takes courage to try something new and to open your mind to learning and experiencing another way forward. We can resist change, but I know from my own personal experience resistance is futile. You are a modern woman who needs a modern partnership with someone who will love and adore you.

Believe what you are seeking is seeking you. Sounds a little woo-woo, but it’s a really powerful way to attract your hearts desires. What would change for you, if you knew he was looking for you too?

Allow yourself to relax and breathe. Most of our problems are first world problems. Context is always helpful. If your relationship isn’t fulfilling or you desperately want love and don’t have it, not all is lost. You might just need a little perspective and some real guidance from someone who has what you are seeking.

I know your pain because I was there once myself. I thought true love was purely imaginary and certainly not achievable. I was so wrong about this and now I love showing others just how it happened for me and the women from across the country I interviewed for my book. You don’t have to wait and struggle. Decide today that you are worthy of an authentic love match.

You can start by reading my book. Or you can start by scheduling a complimentary call with me. I’ll help you figure out what’s standing in your way to love and we’ll discuss a few concrete steps to get you on your way. Let’s chat. No obligation.

P.S. I’m holding over my offer for a complimentary 30-minute session with me for a book review. Don’t wait. Order yours today!

The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process.)

Your biggest fan,

Gayla Wick

Denver Love Coach