Are You Asking the Wrong Question?


We’ve all done this – asked the wrong question and then wondered why our issue isn’t being resolved. Women are really good at asking this question especially when we want to find love and it hasn’t happened already.

Sometimes we get so fixated on asking ourselves this one little word question we can’t get unstuck from where we are regardless of how much we say we want to move forward. I’ve interviewed hundreds of women about their love relationship or lack of one and know this rumination about “how” it going to happen just deepens their frustration.

If you are consistently asking yourself how true love is going to happen after all of your failed relationships or perhaps not having a love relationship, you’re not alone. Consider that you may be asking the wrong question.

Decide to switch gears and try another approach. Consider these questions instead:

What do I really want? Knowing what you want is far better than asking how it’s going to happen. If you want to cook a new recipe you read it first and go out to purchase THE INGREDIENTS. You don’t merely sit and wonder how it’s going to materialize on your dinner table.

If you are single and want a love relationship, please stop trying to figure it out by yourself. Be honest about what’s not working for you. Remember we can all use a little help sometimes. It’s my job as a love relationship coach to help you learn how to attract the love you desire and so deserve. Worrying about how it’s going to happen isn’t a productive strategy for you.

Am I willing to take a baby step outside my comfort zone to get what I really want? This can be a tough question for many of us. If you’d prefer be comfortable rather than happy then your answer to this question is probably no. But, do you really want to go on with life not having the very thing that your heart desires?

When I talk about “baby steps” I do so because I know real change only happens when you feel like the steps forward are manageable. You really don’t have to know how it’s going to happen. You need only to have faith in yourself that you can find the right guidance from someone who has what you desire.

Am I willing to stop doing what hasn’t worked? Another challenging question, I know. We can become so convinced that our plan is the best even when it hasn’t worked for us. Are you thinking you just need to try harder? No matter what you’ve heard or been taught, finding your ideal love match does not have to be such a struggle nor do you need to believe in lady luck.

I hope you will say yes to yourself this year by eliminating the focus on how its going to happen. Leave that to me because I have a love coaching program that works. It will challenge you in the best way. You will move forward in ways you will not even realize until you find yourself in a completely new state of mind with a set of real tools you can use to resolve any issue you might be facing.

Won’t you make this year the time you realize your dream of being in a loving intimate partnership?

Want a little guidance from a relationship expert? Contact me – the Denver Love Coach and let’s talk about where you are now and exactly how you can attract the perfect love relationship for you.

Your biggest fan,

Gayla Wick

Denver Love Coach