No Second Dates? Could It Be Your Body Language? (VIDEO)


No Second Dates? Could It Be Your Body Language? (VIDEO)                   

You had a really nice time on your date and you thought he did too. So why no second date? One reason might be a disconnect between the conversation and your body language.

First watch the video below and then be sure to read the insightful post by author, speaker and Sales Expert, Liz Wendling!

I’m going to paraphrase something the brilliant scientist Albert Einstein once said. We used to think there was energy and matter, but about that we were wrong, there is only energy. Feel free to look it up.

 If energy is everything then I believe what many studies have shown and that is we read each others’ energy constantly and sub-consciously. I talk to my clients quite a bit about this and show them ways to shift low level energy to higher states that invite a more relaxed interaction with others.

You’ll want to read the following article written by my friend and colleague Liz Wendling, a Sales and Emotional Intelligence Expert. What she has to say can help you in business and in your personal life.

Update Your Sales Skills and Close More Business

“The first moments of meeting someone have a huge impact on whether they will hire you. Your verbal communication is important, but your non-verbal communication is just as critical. This cannot be overlooked or ignored.

Nonverbal communication refers to the communication that occurs without using spoken language. Nonverbal communication, often otherwise known as body language, is important in getting prospective clients to listen to your recommendations and hire you.

The message that you convey in your client conversations consists of 55 percent nonverbal communication, 38 percent tone of voice, and only 7 percent in the words that you use.

There are two levels of communication. One is conscious communication. This includes words, writing, actions, and body movements. The other is subconscious communication, which includes the feelings, or the signals, that you’re sending out to the person with whom you are communicating.

We all know and have had those feelings. At some point you may have thought, I’m feeling a good vibe. I’ve got a good feeling about this. I don’t have a good feeling about this person. This situation makes me uneasy.

We are constantly sending out vibes and signals. When you’re talking to people and meeting prospects, you can say and do all the right things, but if you feel something else on a subconscious level, none of the things you say or do will matter to your client. The reason for this is because as the old saying goes, it's not what you say, it's how you say it.

The feelings that you have beneath the surface are infused into how you say something. Believe it or not, the person that you’re talking to can feel this. People will use their gut, their intuition to make a decision, and much of that intuition is governed by what you convey with your subconscious communication. Don’t underestimate the importance of this.

In any situation, the impression that you make when first meeting someone will define the nature of the relationship. Not only is this true in your personal life, it is true in business as well.

Example: You might verbally communicate, I am sure that this solution will fit your needs, but your body language conveys, I know that I can’t pull this off. Your words do not match what your body is saying. There is a disconnect, and people feel it.

Many times others don’t know exactly what they feel or can’t tell you why they feel weird about you. They only know on a subconscious level that what you say and what your body language conveys is in-congruent.

This is why you likely hear, I need to think about it, I have no money or can we talk another time?

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