Master Chef Worthy Dating Tip & My Pumpkin Pie Mishap (VIDEO)


Master Chef Worthy Dating Tip & My Pumpkin Pie Mishap (VIDEO)                  

Bet you didn’t expect that title! Yes, I know pumpkin pie and dating tips don’t seem to belong in the same sentence, but I hope you’ll watch my video to find out more.

You can use my pumpkin pie mishap story as a metaphor for lots of little challenges and life lessons. Some small things don’t matter at all and some really do. In my case one ingredient made all the difference in the edibility of my pie. (Edibility - I hope that’s a word.)

Since no one is perfect, it’s unreasonable to expect your mate or date to be perfect. If he really likes you he might be shy and awkward around you. Give the guy a chance - he may be your one and only - your ideal love connection.

Things go so fast today so slow down and get to know each other before making a commitment. Expecting perfection on the fairy tale romance spectrum will only lead to disappointment. Who knows? Your love story might actually be far better than any fairy tale.

Yes, that really can happen. It happened for me and many of my Love Coaching Program Clients. Be sure to watch this video and share it with someone you know who might need to hear this message.

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Wishing for you love attraction magic!

Your biggest fan,

Gayla Wick

Denver Love Coach

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