3 Things You MUST Know Before Dressing for a Date! (VIDEO)

3 Things You MUST Know Before Dressing for a Date!          July 10 2019

 For this week’s blog article, I decided to collaborate with my friend and awesome stylist, Dana Lynch from Elements of Image. Watch our short video for 3 tips on how to take the stress out of dressing for a date. Dana and I had a ton of fun on our first team effort so hope you enjoy our fashion and dating advice.

Here are our 3 Things You Must Know to Dress for a Date:

 Tip #1: Be sure to find out where you are going on this date. It’s okay to ask – actually it’s more than okay, you really need to know in order to decide if you want to accept the invitation and if so, what is appropriate to wear for the occasion. Guessing is definitely not advised. Wearing a dressy dress and heels to a baseball game is not a recipe for having fun and getting to know someone new.

Tip#2: Decide what image you want to portray. A first date gives you the opportunity to reveal some of your personality to your date. Authenticity is really important. If you dress in a way that is not really indicative of who you are then he will not be meeting the real you. This is not a good start for a potential love relationship.

Don’t be tempted to step too far outside of your comfort zone here. However, if you never dress up or wear make-up, you might take this opportunity to step up your game a little bit. Don’t you want him to put some effort into his appearance when meeting you? Present your best self and have a bit of fun getting into the mood whether it’s casual or dressy.

Tip#3: Make sure your cloths fit properly and you are comfortable in them. If you need to constantly push and pull on your clothes, it’s distracting for your date and makes you uncomfortable too. So, select your outfit including shoes and jewelry and then try everything on in advance. The clothes may not fit the way you want them to or as you remember. (Dana and I know this from personal experience. I try to blame my closet for shrinking my clothes, but the reality is we all put on a few extra pounds sometimes.) Your size doesn’t matter, but the fit does. Wearing clothes that are too tight or too short makes anyone look uncomfortable.

My last note on the subject: Don’t be pressured to dress in a super sexy way with a very, very short skirt or dress that is too tight or shows a lot of cleavage. Your date could and probably will interpret this as desperate and “easy.”  I know because I checked in with a few men on this one.

Dating someone new is a bit stressful without freaking out over what you’re going to wear . I highly recommend Dana from Elements of Image. If you need a wardrobe re-fresh or something new to better reflect you today contact her. She’s super nice and really great at what she does!

 If you’re ready to find that loving, healthy, supportive love relationship you’ve been dreaming of contact me for a complimentary consultation. We’ll chat about where you are and where you’d like to be with a love relationship. Don’t delay – this can be your time for love.

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Much love,

 Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach