Is FINDING LOVE Just About Luck? {VIDEO}

Gayla Wick Denver Love Coach 08 07 19

Is FINDING LOVE Just About Luck?                

 Margaret had a lovely smile, yet I could see she’d been through something painful.  A mutual friend introduced us and soon Margaret shared the pain of her husband’s sudden death. Married for 30 plus years they’d filed for divorce and were separated when he passed away. Six years later she is ready to find love again, yet she’s afraid to believe it could happen for her. This is a common fear for women who’ve been single for a long time and have experienced a painful relationship. What will she do?

 Wining the lottery may be about luck, but as I’ve said before, you have to play to win. Opening your heart to love isn’t easy especially if you’ve been through a painful break-up or divorce. I specialize in helping women who’ve been through these challenging experiences and are now willing to take the first steps back to finding love again.

 Dating can be really stressful when you haven’t done it in a while. Even if you are dating, it’s hard to keep going with any level of enthusiasm when you don’t get the results you desire – an authentic love relationship leading to marriage or a long-term commitment.

 Watch this short video: What If I don’t Do Anything? Then read the rest of this article.

Note: The Attract Love tab I mentioned in this video has now been changed to Love Coaching on my new website).

 Three things can happen when you don’t take the first steps to achieve your desires:

 1)    Nothing will change. You will most likely continue to be single just wishing and hoping for Lady Luck to smile upon you and deliver your mate.

2)    New levels of feeling discouraged or frustrated will change your energy and not in a good way. Remember the Law of Attraction? Like attracts like. People are the most attracted to others who are centered, happy and radiate approach-ability.

3)    Watching your friends and family members find love while you wait on the sidelines gets even more painful. Years go by and your dream of being loved and cherished by your special someone begins to seem impossible.

 So will you be brave and take the first step in the direction of your dreams? I love this quote from Henry David Thoreau, “…… if one advances confidently in the direction of his dreams, and endeavors to live the life which he has imagined, he will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.”

 Margaret is courageous and doesn’t plan to rely on lady luck or for a man falling down her chimney like Santa Claus.  She’s facing her fears in my Love Coaching Program

 Are you ready to attract the love you desire?

 What are you waiting for?

 What will change for you, if you don’t do anything?

 I know what it’s like to desire an authentic love connection and not have it. My program works regardless of your age or how many relationships you’ve had in the past.  Let’s make this year the time you connect with someone who will love and adore you the way you’ve always imagined.

 Think about this - what if your special someone is seeking you too?

 My Love Coaching Program is called It’s All About You. I named the program that because you are the only one who can change yourself, the things you believe or the actions you take or don’t take. We can’t change anyone else. Trying to change another person is really just a fool’s errand. We can certainly influence others, but in the end, no one changes for the long haul unless they want to do so for themselves.

 You are not alone. Sometimes we all just need a little help to accomplish something we haven’t been able to do on our own.

 If you’re ready to find that loving, healthy, supportive love relationship you’ve been dreaming of contact me and schedule your “Get Unstuck” session!


P.S. Be sure to watch the very short video above!

  Much love,

 Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach