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Single women looking for a more fulfilling love relationship than they’ve ever had are enjoying working with Gayla Wick, love coach, author, and speaker. Successful, smart, single women who’ve been disappointed by failed love relationships and now desire real results are raving about Gayla’s Love Coaching Programs. Her enlightening, powerful four-step process shows women how to release their personal relationship barriers so they can start attracting love rather than searching for it, delight in an authentic love relationship that is in alignment with their core values and create the sustainable love relationship of their dreams.

What Clients are saying:

"I was so shut down from bad relationships. This program really helped me to find myself again and start to heal. My spirit is free again and I know I deseve much more in a love relationship." Janine, Occupational Therapist

Gayla Wick | Love Coach | Author | Speaker

"I passionately recommend the Love Coaching Program. The process is creative and expansive.  My most insightful take away has been the realization that I have NEVER chosen in relationships. I have always just reacted to someone else. I've spent more time doing a grocery list (and I do not even cook that much) than I have really defining what is important to me with a significant other. Thank you Gayla for a beautiful and fun process."  Jeannette, Massage Therapist

How Gayla's experience and expertise can serve you:

Gayla discovered her passion for helping women after experiencing the break-up of her first marriage while simultaneously losing interest in her career in Corporate America. While on her personal recuperative and spiritual journey, Gayla met and married the love of her life. It was then she decided to find out more from happily coupled women by investigating just how they'd attracted their ideal partner. After a yearlong project of interviewing women from across the country, including Trista Sutter from the Bachelor and Bachelorette television shows, Gayla knew it was time to share this information - real wisdom from women who have their dream relationship. She is the author of The Character of True Intimacy: Finding the Love of Your Life and the Companion Workbook

Prior to becoming a love coach and author, Gayla had a twenty-five year career in corporate leadership roles. She is a graduate of Northeastern University with a Master of Science degree and was the first female police officer in a thirty-five member New England Police Department. Gayla is a Certified NLP practitioner and member of the Colorado National Speakers Association.

Current Project: Teaming up with her husband on a second book, Now That you have the Love of Your Life, What do you do with Them?

On the personal side:

Deliriously happy is how Gayla likes to describe her marriage with husband, Allan.  They live in the Denver metro area and love to travel, especially to the white sandy beaches of the Carribbean. Happily married (something she once thought was an oxymoron) was not always her reality. Followinmg the painful end of her first marriage, Gayla was serously pessimistic about the existence of a truly happy and soul satisfying love relationship.  Then she discovered the secrets for attracting authetic love and nows loves sharing her proven four-step formula with women ready to attract their true love.

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