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Love Relationship Tip from Randy
Author: Gayla Wick
Love Relationship Tip from Randy

Several years ago I met Caly at a networking event and was intrigued by her story. Since childhood she experienced an unusual ability.  This ability was not appreciated nor believed by her family.  She even shut it down for awhile, but now she’s embraced her unique talent and shares her stories regularly in her newsletter.  As I was reading the latest edition, it occurred to me we can all learn a valuable lesson from her dear friend, Randy.  While this story isn’t about love relationships in particular, I think you’ll enjoy the lesson and readily see it’s applicability for your love life.  And of course I’ll give you my take on this important tip that may be just the key you need to attract your ideal partner.

Gayla Wick|Love Coach|Author|SpeakerSome of you may be skeptical of this story and if so, I understand.  You don’t have to believe in “Dog Whisperers” to receive the message so I hope you read on to hear about Randy. I think he’s pretty wise and hopefully you’ll take this advice and consider just how it may be affecting you and your ability to attract the relationship of your dreams. This lesson applies to those in love relationships or marriages as well. Living in the past will affect your ability to create a balanced satisfying  relationship. Are you walking around with your head in the past and what might have been?  Consider the following quote from Caly Lehrer (she calls this an Angelic Quote), If you were meant to keep focusing on the past, you'd have eyes on the back of your head. See all the beauty and magic that's here for you now!  

From Caly Lehrer at “As we move into a New Year, I thought I'd share something with you that only my beloved dog, Randy, could so eloquently point out to me.  (I do keep him busy!)  When Randy and I go for our walks together, I know that he is very aware; he will oftentimes tell me when "trouble" just happened (we live close by a trail and sometimes he tells me the coyotes had a feast the night before) and other times he happily prances along the trail and says to a select few, "Hi, I'm Randy!"  Sometimes he just breathes in the fresh air and beauty that surrounds him, and I can feel waves of gratitude emanating from his heart.  A few weeks ago though, as we walked together his behavior was...well...quite frustrating for me.  He kept walking with his head turned backwards and it was driving me crazy!!!  His legs kept moving him forward, yet his head was turned around, staring at what was behind him.  We could be walking up and down the street, and there was not another soul in sight...yet he was fixated on what was behind him.  This was happening every day, on every walk!  (Take a minute to really reflect upon this image of a dog moving forward, with his head turned backwards.)  After several days of this behavior I finally yelled out loud, "Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look?"  In his sweet angelic way, Randy sat on the ground, stared into my eyes and said, "Why yes, I do!"  UGH!!!  I got it!  He was relaying a message to me.  He knew how ridiculous he looked, because apparently he was busy watching me doing the very same thing; at that time, I had been way too focused on my past.  There I was intending to take steps to move forward, yet all I was doing was focusing on things from my past.”  

Are you single, but still focused or obsessed by a previous relationship or marriage?  If so, this inability to let goGayla Wick|Love Coach|Author|Speaker of  something that is actually already gone is standing in your way just like a roadblock  on a street. Roadblocks stop us from proceeding in the direction we want to go. You may have heard the saying, “you can’t get there from here.” Roadblocks are highly effective whether they’re physical, mental or emotional.  If you do not have the love relationship you desire, I hope you give thought to what may be in your way. Ignoring a roadblock generally doesn’t work, but most of us have developed  serious denial skills. Denial is powerful and works quite well until you realize nothing has changed and you still do not have your love mate or you may not even be dating.  I hope you’ll think about this and consider taking action to step out of denial and into moving those roadblocks.

Last year I wrote a blog article about how to recognize your roadblocks and gave you a recipe for dealing with them.  Click here to read the post. In the meantime, know you’re not alone in hanging onto the past, but consider turning your attention to the future while placing past relationships in the past.  Embrace your future by learning from the relationship and deciding you are worth a whole healthy loving relationship with someone who feels the same way about you.  If I can help you, please send an email and we’ll schedule a complimentary phone consultation:

Until next time remember:  Letting go of a past relationship opens the door for love.








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