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Online Dating – Don’t Make it So Scary
Author: Gayla Wick

Happy Halloween! 

Online Dating doesn’t need to be so scary. Now that you know more from reading my articles on the subject it’s time to try it. If you’d rather not meet someone from an online dating website, that’s okay too. Just don’t give up on dating because it hasn’t worked out yet.

I’m pretty sure I’ve shared enough dating tips to keep most singles out of trouble. If you missed any you’ll want to go back and read them. Do it soon though as the older blog posts will roll off and it will take more clicks to find them again. Right now the entire Online Dating series is still available in the right hand column of my blog page (See the Blog tab on the top of the navigation bar on my Home Page.) One or two clicks and you’re there.

Even if you’ve read each article I encourage you to re-read each one and make your own personal dating plan.

Online Dating Rule 10: Don’t share your life story right away.

Look, I know finding a possible love relationship partner can be super exciting. The conversations are really promising. He seems like a real catch and you have lots in common. Breathe and keep it together girl! Make sure you stay in control of yourself including your decisions. He doesn’t need to know your entire life story on the first date.

You already know from my previous articles that you’ll be meeting him in person within a reasonable period of time. If he’s not available, move on to someone who is. He might be non-existent. You don’t want to date a ghost, aka a fraudster.

Remember you are not in a relationship if you haven’t even met him, regardless of the hours you’ve spent online or on the phone.

When deciding to meet for the first time, keep your options open. Instead of a dinner date which takes a few hours of your time, you can always choose a simple, tea, coffee or lunch date. That way you can both decide if you want to continue without having invested tons of time and/or money.

Another option is to check out local singles groups. For example, a new group in Denver is called In the Loop. Yes, it costs money, but there are lots of planned singles activities all around the city with other singles. According to their website, they’ve done some background checking as well. No one is on a date, yet you have access to eligible singles who enjoy the same activities you do. How awesome is that?

Whether you are on a date or mingling in a group activity, don’t overshare with anyone. Keep your personal information like your address and financial status to yourself for now. Peek his interest; don’t tell him your life story. It might come up that you’re divorced, but he doesn’t need to know it was final last week or your ex was a total jerk. Men like a little mystery about a woman. No game playing necessary, just be personable and have fun.

Now that you know way more than most people about online dating, isn’t it time to make a personal love attraction plan? The four-step process I’ve outlined in my book, The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process) will guide you through a process to put you in the driver’s seat in dating. Order your copy today at or Happy reading!!

What are you waiting for? Let’s get your love relationship started today!



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