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Sometimes Scary Things Happen
Author: Gayla Wick

Several days ago while I was driving home from a meeting I was hit by a semi-truck. I’m okay, but it sure was scary. I was jostled pretty hard from side to side and my car has significant damage on the driver’s side. In a flash life can change.

Gratitude is a vital state of mind, especially when things don’t go our way. So yes, I’m grateful I didn’t get seriously injured or exit this lifetime. I know it’s not easy to stay in a state of gratitude when life gets challenging. We’re human so it’s okay to feel whatever it is we’re feeling for awhile. So yes, I’m frustrated with yet another thing to handle which is time consuming and possibly very frustrating. Dealing with insurance companies and car repairs isn’t how I planned to be spending my time this month.

With that in mind I thought I’d write about something I need to hear myself. Seems the author of The Art of Attracting Authentic Love wrote an entire chapter on the subject.

So what’s gratitude got to do with finding and sustaining a love relationship?

EVERYTHING. From page 46 in my book:

Gratitude is a foundational building block for attracting and sustaining an authentic love relationship.”

Here’s the little known secret about gratitude – it isn’t for another person, it’s for you. Feeling deep gratitude for anyone or anything changes your own physiology. Notice I didn’t use the word thinking. Of course the thought comes first, but the real physical, emotional and spiritual benefits come from feeling gratitude. You can prove this to yourself. You don’t have to believe me.

Instead of more blah, blah, blah rhetoric about the benefits of gratitude, here's one example.  If you have trouble sleeping whether it’s staying asleep or falling asleep try this exercise for yourself.

Think about someone or some things for whom or which you have gratitude. Then one by one take the thought and move to embracing the feeling. Stay in that energy as long as you can before going on to the next person or thing. If you are agitated or stressed it might take a few rounds, but keep practicing and you may be surprised.

Example: When I’m awake in the middle of the night for no apparent reason I start by listing (in my head, not out loud) the things in my immediate surroundings that I’m grateful for: my nice warm bed, the soft sheets, my pillow and then I feel each one. Really lean into how they feel. Each moment of feeling warmth, comfort or whatever positive emotion you feel begins to relax your body enough to change your energy.

Then move yourself to being in your happy place. For me it’s at the beach floating in the water with my sweet husband. My gratitude moves on from there so I’ll let you use your imagination. The magic of this exercise lies in moving from the thought into the feeling and allowing yourself to hang out in that energetic space.

Singles, if you can consciously develop and practice feeling gratitude for the love you have in your life, more love will come to you. It is the law of attraction at work.

If you believe the law of attraction works, you are right. If don’t believe it works, you are still right. Law of Attraction – like attracts like, simply put. If you don’t think it works, it actually is working to give you more of what you don’t believe. If you think love is hard to find then it will be so.

Wouldn’t you like to turn this around and practice receiving your hearts desires? I think I will write a few more articles this month about gratitude and the law of attraction. I’ve been practicing this and proving it to myself for over 15 years. I’m so grateful for my teachers and coaches. The coolest thing about it is I didn’t have to believe it because someone else does. I get to prove it to myself, by putting it in play in my own life.

Look, I can’t get you to believe you can have a fabulous love relationship if you don’t want to shift anything in your life. What I can do is show you how it works and lead you through a series of tiny steps that will shift your energy and therefore your results when looking for love. My process really works on many levels. If you missed the video interview of my latest client who was married a few months ago, here it is again. Enjoy!

Note for my local fans: Join me in Lakewood for the BHS (Business Honoring Spirituality) Holiday Bazaar on Thursday, December 6 from 7 AM to 9 AM. I know it’s early, but get a great start to your day and come to my table. I’m putting together a few cool gift packages to include my book. Get some holiday shopping done and get a great start to your day. I’ll be posting more details on my home page soon.

Your biggest fan,

Gayla Wick

Denver Love Coach



Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach and author of The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process) shows women how to go from frustrated and disappointed to attracting an authentic love match with confidence and clarity. Connect and get her free  Top Ten Reasons Women are Still Single    at .









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