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What If I Don’t Do Anything? {VIDEO}
Author: Gayla Wick
What If I Don’t Do Anything? {VIDEO}

From the desk of the Denver Love Coach, Gayla Wick

What if you don’t do anything to move in the direction of your desires for a better love life? The truth is - not doing anything is still a choice. Will you rely on hope, luck or happenstance? Maybe your dream will come true and maybe it won’t. Did you know if you have a dream, a desire or wish, it’s meant to be fulfilled? I can keep telling you that you can have the love relationship you desire, but my knowing it won’t magically make it happen for you. The day I finally realized I could change my life – that I could actually take action to have the life I desired was the day everything changed. Understanding my life as a series of choices was the wake-up call I needed to shift direction and embrace my best life. I want everyone to enjoy living their best life. I want you to have the sweetest love life you’ve ever desired. What will it take? Watch What If I Don’t Do anything?


How many more nights and weekends will you be wishing you had a romantic partner to share things with?

How much longer will you long for the feel of his embrace?

Do you miss sharing coffee in the morning and dinner at night?

How about that special someone just to share your day with?

You might have lots of friends and family and I hope you do, but who is going to keep you warm at night? There really is no substitute for having a love relationship with your special someone. I know you are tempted to smile and say “Aha – see other single women are saying just how fabulous being single is as they post their declarations all over social media.” I say, she protests too much -way too much. Most humans are meant to be connected intimately with another. If you truly want to be single then my posts are not for you. I just hope you aren’t making choices from a place of fear.

It’s okay to feel fear – everyone does at some point. I hope you won’t let fear of the unknown stop you from talking to me. I’m not at all scary – really. I know what it’s like to feel confused about what to do next. We all need a little help sometimes. I know I’m super grateful for the coaches in my life. They helped me get out of my own way and on to a plan that worked for me.

Don’t run away from the love you know you want. Your true love is looking for you. Let’s remove what’s in your way in a fun, relaxed program that will put you in control of your love life. Want to be the next woman in love?

Let’s talk.




Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach and author of The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process) shows women how to go from frustrated and disappointed to attracting an authentic love match with confidence and clarity. Connect with her and get her free Top Ten Reasons Women are Still Single   at .









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