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Are You Stuck in Resistance Mode?
Author: Gayla Wick

From the Desk of Denver Love Coach, Gayla Wick

Sure hope you took a few minutes to watch the video interview I shared with you in last week's blog post. If you missed it, I'll give you the link again at the end of this article. You don't want to miss my love coaching client newlywed sharing her story and her valuable insights that really changed her approach to finding love. Today I wanted to follow-up with more about being in resistance to love. Many of the single women I meet tell me how much they'd like to find their ideal love match, but after listening to them for awhile I realize they are unwittingly stuck in what I call resistance mode instead of being in attraction mode. If this might be happening to you read the rest of this article and watch the short music video. If this isn't something for you please think of anyone you know who might find this helpful and pass it along.



What does it look like to be in resistance mode?


  • You've stopped dating
  • You've given up hope you'll find love again
  • You tell others it's better to be single
  • You busy yourself with life to avoid thinking about your love life
  • You deny your deepest desires for an intimate love connection
  • You think lady luck is in charge 


These are just excuses coming from fear. There are several acronyms for fear. One is False Expectations Appearing Real. You can overcome fear - it just takes time and intention to do so and perhaps a little guidance from a love relationship expert like me. I can help you with your particular limiting beliefs just like I helped Karin and hundreds of other women. Please don't give up if you really desire an intimate love connection. You can have it. Don't spend anymore time trying to convince yourself you are totally happy being single when you know in your heart that isn't true. Humans are hardwired to seek connection with another. All the friends, family and social  activities in the world are not going to keep you warm at night or make you feel fulfilled like an intimate romantic love relationship.

Don't be afraid to contact me for a complimentary consultation. There is no hard sales pitch. I can't help every woman, but let's find out if I can help you move from resistance into attraction. Watch the interview video again and be honest with yourself. Karin is very happy she took a leap of faith and did my Love Coaching Program.


Watch Karin Gets Married!

Much Love,

Gayla, Denver Love Coach




Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach and author of The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process) shows women how to go from frustrated and disappointed to attracting an authentic love match with confidence and clarity. Connect with her and get her free Top Ten Reasons Women are Still Single at .










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