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Finding the Love of Your Life - Key #3
Author: Gayla Wick
Finding the Love of Your Life - Key #3

Last week I used the term vibrational resonance. This may be a new concept to many as it was to me until I read more about it in the current law of attraction literature.  For those who check in on my Facebook Fan Page reading list you know I’ve been an avid supporter of the book, The Secret.  This book propelled an international interest in the ancient wisdom most often referred to as the law of attraction.  One of the book’s contributors, Bob Doyle has now written a thought provoking new book, Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power: Everything You Need to Know about the Law of Attraction.

I’m going to start this conversation with a quote from this new book.  “We attract into our experience those things with which we are in vibrational resonance.”  So many people, including myself have used the most simplistic way of explaining the law of attraction by saying that “like attracts like”.  This concept is more accurately described when we understand the law of attraction as an explanation of the way energy works.  When we say that something resonates with us, we mean it makes sense to us, we feel likewise or we feel the truth of what’s being said. There is an amplification quality to being “in resonance” with something, which means we’re going to receive more of the energy we’re giving out.

 On the most general level, I understand that when I’m in a happy, joyful, satisfied, hopeful, compassionate, grateful or any other positive state of being, I’m in resonance with other wonderful people and things. These are the people, experiences and outcomes I most want to attract into my life.  On the other hand, when I’m feeling frustrated, hopeless, unworthy, mad or sad I’m in vibrational resonance with other negative people, experiences and things I definitely do not want to attract.  In my last blog post, Change Your Thoughts, Change Your Love Life, I suggested ways of moving out of this negative zone where we all land from time to time, but sure don’t want to stay there for very long.

Until next time remember:  We can all choose to spend most of our time in the high level positive energy zone where we are attracting our highest good.  








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