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Setting Your RAS to Find Love
Author: Gayla Wick
Setting Your RAS to Find Love

Last weekend I was sitting on a beach in Key West soaking in the beauty of the blue sky, teal ocean and lovely palm trees just relaxing and feeling gratitude for the experience. When I’m in a vacation environment like this I usually find myself feeling grateful for it and for everything I enjoy in life.  My husband is such a huge part of my gratitude list I frequently recall our romance, including our idyllic honeymoon on the Caribbean island of Aruba. Then the strangest thing happens; I start to see couples looking very much in love, connected in that special way only couples are as they hold hands laughing and talking.

The simple truth is this isn’t really a strange or unusual occurrence at all.  I put myself in vibrational resonance with this energy by visualizing and feeling the love in my life.  I’m tuned in to this energy pattern.  Some refer to this as our reticular activating system (ras) – the way our brain responds to our thoughts by bringing like objects/experiences in while filtering others out.  This subject can get a little complicated and scientific, but I like to keep it simple.  I know when I’m thinking about a subject with positive emotions I begin to see more of it.

 Another example is thinking about the new car you may want to buy.  Putting your attention on a particular make and model will most likely result in your seeing more of them wherever you go.  Whether you think this works or not, I recommend trying it out.  Seeing what you desire around you reinforces the possibility of its existence for your life. You may also want to stop thinking about the things you don’t want in your life.  My friend, who’s very allergic to bees  recently told me she’d been thinking about bees and her allergy to them along with the fact it’s summertime hence more bees flying around.  She was stung twice within a week. Some may think this is a coincidence, but I suggest our reticular activating system (ras) works in both directions.

Until next time remember:  Focus on what you want and delete thoughts of what you don’t want.  








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