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Finding the Love of Your Life – Key #1
Author: Gayla Wick
Finding the Love of Your Life – Key #1

In my first blog post I mentioned the concept of “substantial compatibility” and how that affects the potential longevity of a love relationship.  Without it relationships often face unnecessary turmoil over differing lifestyles, choices, how to spend time and money and so many other variables.  While no relationship is free from disagreement, having substantially differing opinions and beliefs about most things is a recipe for discontent which may contribute to the eventual demise of that partnership.

When a couple shares “substantial compatibility” they are more likely to handle the less frequent differences more gracefully.  “Substantial compatibility” is my way of expressing the concept of having more in common than not.  This is a fine balance that will be different for each couple.   Just as each relationship is unique so are the needs of each person for spending time together and apart.  Mismatches in this area can be avoided by making a choice to spend your time doing the things you love to do while you are single.

Engaging in activities you enjoy increases the likelihood of meeting others who share those same interests.  If you can’t stand the thought of spending your weekends watching football or playing golf, etc., then why pursue those activities at all?  Yes, there may be a crowd of people there to meet, but do you want to be a golf or football season widow if you don’t really enjoy these sports?  We are not destined to simply accept a high degree of incompatibility in any relationship.  Anyone who truly desires a partner with whom they share many mutual interests can leverage this by embracing their own leisure time passions.  Until next time remember: You’re more likely to attract a partner with whom there is “substantial compatibility” while doing the things you love.








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