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All You Need is Love and a Little Chocolate
Author: Gayla Wick
All You Need is Love and a Little Chocolate

For the past decade I’ve been having a love affair with chocolate. Not just any chocolate. I love dark chocolate, only dark chocolate, preferably organic since I read some time ago that chocolate is one of the most heavily sprayed crops with pesticides. (Yikes!) So what do love and chocolate have in common? From my perspective both transport us into a state of bliss, not at the same level of course, but I don’t really want to live life without either.

Love and chocolate are a magical combination. If you don’t share my love of chocolate, that’s ok just substitute something that makes you feel warm and deliciously happy, if only for a few minutes. Your treat may be something else entirely. I’m just suggesting that you don’t put the small pleasures of your life on hold until you have the partner of your dreams with whom to share them. This is your life to live as it is today. Depriving yourself of life’s little treats until you have the ultimate relationship only brings feelings of deprivation. Feeling deprived and wanting is a very quick way to end up in the heavy, negative energy zone – not where we want to hang out looking for our heart’s desires.

And while we’re on this subject, I have to clarify I’m talking about small treats, not over indulging to the point of being unhealthy. I’m a fan of living our best life as you know from previous posts which means being whole, happy and healthy. Being significantly over weight is a sign we’re not taking care of ourselves for some reason. If this fits your situation, you may want to spend a few minutes in meditation or quiet thought asking yourself some questions. Do you have some unproductive thoughts running unconsciously that are fueling a denial that you’re not taking the best care of yourself? Chocolate isn’t love. We can’t feel loved by over indulging in anything.

Whatever we need to do and commit to do, we CAN do. It takes making a choice and committing to a decision. Success will come even if we make a mistake and “fall off the wagon” a few times. We just get up and proceed in the direction of our goal. Sometimes we all think too much about things we’ve already decided.

Until next time remember: Our life is created by the decisions we make so just decide to live your best life and have a little chocolate along the way.








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