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Time to Hold On or Let Go in Love? – Part 2
Author: Gayla Wick
Time to Hold On or Let Go in Love? – Part 2

As I wrote in last week’s post we’ve all held on when we should have let go. Some of us had to learn the lesson the hard way by being “burned” in order to get the message, sort of like holding onto the proverbial hot potato. I’d like to think that as I get older and have more life experiences and the opportunity for better choices that I do indeed make better choices. Raising our awareness of what we’re actually doing is a good place to start. Not making a choice actually is making a choice – we all know that. Hopefully we can remember this wisdom and use it to propel us into action when the time is right.

In the last decade, maybe even the last two decades there have been significant changes in the dynamic of relationships. When women talk about relationships we’re really talking about a partnership, not a hierarchical structure of one person above the other. We’ve soundly rejected that model because we’re smart and capable and know clearly what we bring to the table in a marriage or love relationship. We’re about participating at all levels, not subscribing to some outdated notion of who’s in charge. Most of us have let go of our parents’ model(s) of marriage and embraced a new joint venture for our lives. We make decisions together for our mutual benefit and choose to support one another in our evolvement as human beings.

We let go of the need to try to control one another because we learned it doesn’t work anyway and certainly, it doesn’t contribute to anyone’s overall peace, happiness and harmony. We hold on to our ideals, dreams and plans, and most importantly we hold onto ourselves. We remain unique creations in our own right. When we embrace our own lives more fully we are in the best position to share them with another. This theme was repeated often during the yearlong research project for my book, The Character of True Intimacy: Finding the Love of Your Life. The women interviewed had so much real-life wisdom to share from their own experiences! I’m grateful for the sharing of their life lessons of letting go of what did not serve their highest good, even when it felt like their heart was being ripped out.

Until next time remember: Letting go of what’s not working creates the space, opportunity and capacity to embrace your best life.








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