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Online Dating – Is He the Real Deal?
Author: Gayla Wick

Would you like to know if the person you are about to meet for a first date is the real deal? What’s he really interested in – a relationship, a  friends with benefits arrangement, a fling, your bank account? With so many scammers and other dishonest characters in the world, how’s a woman to know what his real motivation is?

Anyone can improve their skills at reading another person’s energy and deciphering the signals they give about their actual motivations. The problems usually begin when intuition is ignored and the situation is often compounded by not knowing what his behaviors actually mean.

Most women are socialized from childhood to be the peace keepers, the ones who try to please and work everything out so everyone else is happy. That can be taken too far when it comes to dating a new person. Most of us didn’t learn the real secret behind what makes a man interested in pursuing us. So here it is: Men value what they have to earn.

Really think about this and try it out for yourself. I’m not suggesting any sort of game playing including playing hard to get. Don't play hard to get - be hard to get. That means set standards for yourself and your relationships. Don't tolerate any sort of disrespectful behavior now or in the future.  Authentic, healthy men will behave like the good guys they are. Men who are not interested in a genuine relationship will show their true colors soon enough. Don't be tempted to overlook anything that makes you feel uncomfortable. Call him out calmly and respectfully before you find yourself deep into a relationship that may exist only in your dreams.

Online Dating Rule 4: Don’t try so hard to make it work.

If he’s interested in you, he’ll pursue you. If he only wants a fling he’ll bring up the subject of sex very early and try to figure out if you are game. Ask yourself this question: why would you sleep with someone you just met? Most people who read my blog articles are not looking for a one night stand or a friends with benefits relationship. If you want a committed relationship then please don’t waste your time on these cads who only want one thing. If he’s not getting what he’s after from you, he’ll quickly move on. Thank goodness.

As for your bank account – a real man would never ask a woman they just met for money. That's what scam artists do after they've set you up. More on that next week.

From page 198 in my book, The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process): There is always a choice just waiting for you. Know that you are the master of your destiny.

The more you know and learn how to successfully navigate dating and love relationships, the better your results will be. Is it time to get a little guidance from a relationship expert? Contact me – the Denver Love Coach and let’s talk about where you are now and where you’d like to be with a love relationship.

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