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Online Dating – Scary or Exciting?
Author: Gayla Wick

Online Dating can be both scary and an exciting adventure. As you may recall, Karin my most recent client to get married connected with her love match via an online dating website. Dating today is not the same as it was even a decade ago. Once frowned upon as a last resort by the desperate, people were sometimes embarrassed to admit they were using this resource. Not so today. Using an online dating website is commonplace.

I tell my love coaching clients it may work or it may be a terrible idea for them. There are many personal factors to evaluate first. I’ve written about this topic before and know how scary it can be so I’m going to review a few very important points over the next few weeks. Today’s article begins with the single most critical factor in your success at online dating.

What do you need to know BEFORE you even think about online dating?

You must go into online dating with the right attitude.

A positive attitude is critical to your success and in fact, your attitude can accelerate your results. Be open to the possibility of meeting a few nice men. Don’t allow yourself to feel pressured in any way. Know that your desired love relationship is possible, but you can’t make it happen.

Please remember: you are in the driver’s seat, not him. You don’t need to go out with anyone unless you want to do so. Be open to going out and having fun. Don’t try to figure out if he’s perfect for you right away. Dating with a relaxed attitude and an intention just to get to know another person sets the stage for you to meet a compatible new person. It takes time to get to know a stranger.

If he doesn’t feel any connection with you he probably won’t ask you out for a second date. Accept that as a gift. Now there’s more time to meet a better match for a real love connection.

Online dating is not for everyone. Take time to evaluate how you truly feel about it and hopefully be open to the possibilities. If you haven’t done it before then take time to learn more before deciding it’s a yes or no. If it’s a yes, then enjoy it, remain open to the possibilities and don’t get so frustrated by the process that it makes you feel upset, frustrated or in any way negative about yourself. Online dating is just one way to meet new people, not the only way.

The more you know and learn how to successfully navigate dating and love relationships, the better your results will be. Is it time to get a little guidance from a relationship expert? Contact me – the Denver Love Coach and let’s talk about where you are now and where you’d like to be with a love relationship.

Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach and author of The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process) shows women how to go from frustrated and disappointed to attracting an authentic love match with confidence and clarity. Connect and get her free Top Ten Reasons Women are Still Single    at .









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