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Maybe It’s Time to Stop Dating
Author: Gayla Wick
Maybe It’s Time to Stop Dating

From the desk of Denver Love Coach, Gayla Wick

"Maybe it really is time for you to stop dating. I’m a love relationship coach so this may sound like an odd suggestion. The reason my clients are encouraged to take a temporary recess from dating is to give them time to fully assess why their dating efforts have not resulted in the long-term love they so desire and to learn new skills. When I work with a frustrated single woman we find out what’s been happening to discover the real blocks to attracting her ideal love match. If a woman doesn’t become aware of unproductive patterns and learn new skills, then dating the same unsuitable guys is most likely going to continue. Are you ready to get off the dating treadmill and into a real love relationship? Can you identify with any of these situations below?

Feeling increasingly frustrated, maybe even desperate: If this sounds like you, please stop and consider the energy vibration you may be sending out. The kind of man you want will not be attracted to a needy, desperate woman. I can show you how to transform this unwanted energy pattern into real attraction power. You can do it – many others have.

Dating isn’t fun anymore: I know it’s challenging to want to engage in an activity that has not worked out. That’s why it’s vital to stop dating until you can feel differently about it. This change doesn’t happen overnight. I can show you how to get your dating back on track with maximum enjoyment and faster results. Settling isn’t an option you’ll ever consider again!

Not knowing know what you really want: If you are unsure of what you are looking for in a man, a love relationship or marriage, know you are not alone. It’s okay to be confused, but don’t stay there. Getting clarity about your true desires accelerates the attraction of a partner with “substantial compatibility” – the secret sauce that’s the foundation for lasting love.

Dating the same guys over and over: This is a common and unproductive pattern that can be changed, if you are willing to stop the cycle and learn how to make necessary changes. We’ve all done this sometime in our lives. It’s not enough to recognize these patterns; you need to know how to make the permanent shifts that will attract a desirable and compatible partner.

Dating is okay, but it’s not working out as envisioned: This is really a version of “I’m tired of dating.” Trying to remain optimistic isn’t a long-term fix. Continuous dating isn’t your goal and it is going to be less and less fun as time goes by. Take a dating recess with an expert love relationship coach for new insight and a personal love attraction plan. And by the way, it’s a short recess.

Thinking there’s a shortage of good men: This is fear talking. There are two great acronyms for fear: False Expectations Appearing Real and Forget Everything and Run. These are both true. I can teach you techniques to gently erase the fear, replacing it with a real plan to attract your ideal partner, the person you’ve been waiting for to share your life, your hopes and dreams. Love stories happen every day and it can happen for you too.

If you are single and want to be part of a loving couple, it’s time to ask for help. We hire coaches and advisers to assist us in all areas of our lives when results are important to us. I know this is important to you, so contact me and we’ll talk about what might work best for you. I encourage you to take this step for yourself soon."

Until next time remember: "You can have the love relationship you seek, if you don’t let fear stay in control."

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Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach and author of The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process) shows women how to go from frustrated and disappointed to attracting an authentic love match with confidence and clarity. Connect with her and get her free Top Ten Reasons Women are Still Single at .









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