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Is It Time to Take Control of Your Love Life?
Author: Gayla Wick
Is It Time to Take Control of Your Love Life?

From the desk of Denver Love Coach Gayla Wick,

Taking control of anything can sound scary. It doesn’t have to be. You are worth it. We can all do vision boards – they’re really helpful. We can all mediate and set intentions – again really fabulous tools. We can dream about our heart’s desires, yet still not get where we want to go. Years ago, I was driving a Ford Taurus which by the way served me well. This is not a put-down of my car. In fact it was an awesome car that I drove for 11 years. Yes, that’s right - I bought the car new, worked hard to pay it off and kept right on driving it. Yet, I wanted a CTS Cadillac. I put a picture on my vision board, I thought about how it would feel to be driving it and yet I had to take control and pursue my desire for a new car.         

What did I do? I took action in the direction of my dreams. Remember the quote from last week’s article? Daydreaming, fantasizing whatever you may be doing probably hasn’t gotten you to your goal. The most important step is deciding you are worth having your heart’s desires. Are you feeling worthy of a loving, supportive relationship? I hope so, but here’s the thing. I’ve worked with lots of very smart, together women with great intentions and can-do attitudes, yet I discover deep down they feel unworthy of love or whatever it is they desire. If I felt unworthy of driving a CTS Cadillac, I wouldn’t have one today. Are you an “energy match” for what you desire?

Read this article I wrote several years ago and decide today you will take control of your love life: 

3 Things That DRAMATICALLY Affect Your Love Life


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