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Gratitude & Thanksgiving Prep (Part 2)
Author: Gayla Wick

One day left before Thanksgiving. I know you are all probably super busy as I am with preparations or travel, so today I’m giving you the short version of my acronym for gratitude. Now I’m off to make a pumpkin pie, cranberry sauce, pumpkin cake roll and stuffing bread cubes along with last minute cleaning. I love it! Sending you all much love!

If you want more information or stories there is an entire chapter devoted to gratitude in my book, The Art of Attracting Authentic Love.


G is for Generosity: Having an attitude of gratitude engenders a spirit of generosity - generosity for oneself and for others.

R is for Reciprocity: Reciprocity requires both a giver and a receiver to work. Start now to graciously accept any assistance, gift, and expression of gratitude that comes to you.

A is for Attitude: Greet each day as a gift and remember to feel great gratitude for another day to live and contribute.

T is for Timeless: Here’s the cool thing about gratitude – you can start anytime you choose, even with the past. Let a feeling of gratitude flow from past to present.

I  is for Invitation: By viewing gratitude as an invitation for connection from the Universal Creative Energy Source you can change your life and positively impact the lives of others. See page 48 in my book for a personal story about this concept at work.

T is for Transformational: Practice living in gratitude and you will experience a positive shift in your emotional and physical well being. You don’t need to believe me, try it for yourself.

U is for Understanding: Empathy for oneself and others comes from a deeper understanding of the human condition. Practice gratitude daily and you will understand its power.

D is for Demonstration: Each of us can practice being a demonstration of happy, grateful energy. Singles secret: this positive energetic space is where you’ll connect with your ideal mate, unless you want to attract Mr. Grumpy.

E is for Ease: Embracing an attitude of gratitude shifts our emotional well being into a state of relaxation where we can enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Try this: give someone a genuine compliment and watch their body language. Warning: May be addictive!




Note for my local fans: Join me in Lakewood for the BHS (Business Honoring Spirituality) Holiday Bazaar on Thursday, December 6 from 7 AM to 9 AM. I know it’s early, but get a great start to your day and come to my table. I’m putting together a few cool gift packages to include my book. Get some holiday shopping done and get a great start to your day. I’ll be posting more details on my home page soon.

Your biggest fan,

Gayla Wick

Denver Love Coach



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