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A Broken Heart for Bachelorette, Ashley??

Gayla Wick - Friday, July 22, 2011
A Broken Heart for Bachelorette, Ashley??

How any times will women leave the Bachelorette Television show with diamond rings and promises for the future of their dreams only to have them dashed on the shores of despair a short time later.  I don’t know what will happen for Ashley Hubert, but I do know how the story has unfolded for most of these hopeful brides to be and it isn’t the fairy tale ending they’d dreamed about since their youth. What’s going on?  What’s going so terribly wrong?

I actually know the answer to this.  I know because I’ve interviewed women from all across the country who have the partner of their dreams.  I also know because I have the man of my dreams.  How this happens is no accident.  It’s not luck or fate or being the perfect mate.  For one thing, it’s about energy.  Scientists now know we’re all made up of energy and so is everything else.  Being in a place of negative or positive energy invites more of the same.  How do you feel when you’ve lost something and can’t find it readily after searching?  You probably feel frustrated, concerned, upset perhaps?  Searching for something and not finding it puts us in a negative energy space where we only attract more of the same disappointing experiences.

The first Bachelorette, now Trista Sutter who is happily married to Ryan, the man of her dreams approached the contest very differently from those in subsequent seasons.  She has the outcome she desired without all of the struggle and angst experienced by others who so desperately try to become someone they are not in order to win their suitors hand.  There’s more to the story.  You can read about it and learn the secrets to finding true love in my book.  For an autographed copy order from my website and let me know who to sign it for in the comments section. 

Until next time remember:  If you’re on a scavenger hunt for love, you may find a whole lot of things you don’t want.

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