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A New Approach to Gratitude

Gayla Wick - Wednesday, November 14, 2018


In last week’s blog article I decided to start a conversation about the idea of gratitude. We’ve all heard about the benefits of gratitude and you probably know I advocate living in a state of gratitude when we can. Now I know you might be thinking this is just another article full of more blah, blah, blah about the niceties of being grateful. No, no no my friend this is a very different approach to gratitude so take a minute to read this article. I think you’ll be glad (I mean grateful) you did.

As I said last week there is an entire chapter devoted to gratitude in my book, The Art of Attracting Authentic Love. This week and continuing into Thanksgiving week I’m going to give you a short version of my chapter on Gratitude.

As a reminder living in an energetic state of gratitude has everything to do with attracting and sustaining an authentic love relationship.

Gratitude is a foundational building block for attracting and sustaining an authentic love relationship,” page 46.

When I thought about the idea of gratitude for my book, I knew I wanted to go beyond the customary platitudes and give my readers a practical road map for understanding it more deeply and putting gratitude to work in everyday life. Hope you enjoy and of course for more information and examples you’ll want to have a copy of my book.

I love acronyms and their power to help us remember so here’s my definition of gratitude letter by letter:

G is for Generosity: Having an attitude of gratitude engenders a spirit of generosity - generosity for oneself and for others. We all have gifts we didn’t earn and sometimes we fall short in expressing our gratitude for the gift and the givers. Being grateful makes it easier to experience and express that feeling of generosity. Doing so keeps us connected emotionally, spiritually, intellectually and physically.

Don’t be afraid to be generous in your word and deed with those you love and cherish and be willing to extend those attitudes and actions towards strangers. We all need a little kindness, especially during the holidays which can be particularly challenging for some people for a variety of reasons.

R is for Reciprocity: My husband and I love this word – reciprocity – a mutual giving and receiving. Each of us had previous relationships in which reciprocity was seriously lacking. Feeling genuinely grateful for your partner naturally leads to a spirit of wanting to support one another in ways that matter to each of us. When one person does all of the work to lift up the relationship it’s no longer a partnership or as I like to say a modern marriage.

Reciprocity requires both a giver and a receiver to work. Start now to graciously accept any assistance, gift, and expression of gratitude that comes your way. A simple thank you goes a long way. And as the movie title suggests: Pay It Forward.

A is for Attitude: We all have a personal approach to life that begins as we start each new day. It’s easy to become stuck in a habit of dreading what lies ahead. Instead we can greet each day as a gift and remember to feel great gratitude for another day to live and contribute.

Instead of leaping out of bed the second your alarm sounds why not take 5 minutes to begin your gratitude practice for that day. Feel grateful for your home, warm bed, soft blankets and job you have to pay the bills. Replace, I have to go to work today with I get to go to work today. The attitude we choose for each situation may well determine its outcome.

T is for Timeless: Here’s the cool thing about gratitude – you can start anytime you choose, even with the past. You may not have been grateful for past experiences or relationships or even your parents. It’s not too late. It’s possible to begin this instant by reflecting on all you appreciate in your life – both past and present. Gratitude’s power is in the NOW. Just do it!

This blog post is long already so tune in next week for part 2. Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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Your biggest fan,

Gayla Wick

Denver Love Coach



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