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Singles: Are You RESISTING Love?
Author: Gayla Wick
Singles: Are You RESISTING Love?

From the desk of the Denver Love Coach, Gayla Wick

Want to run away and forget about love? Don’t do it! 

We’ve all been there – a mile long “to-do” list and not a clue where or how to begin. Sometimes we don’t even have the energy to lift a finger. What’s a person to do? I’ve been there too many times to count. How do I know I’m in resistance mode? Instead of answering emails, writing a blog article, scheduling a speaking engagement, marketing my book or taking action on any other business development activity on my list, I go for a walk, take a hot bath or start a DIY project at home. Anyone identify with that? I’ll actually tell you about my DIY project later in this article, for my curious readers. For now, I’ll just say, I’m totally committed to delivering useful and insightful material each week, so I don’t write something just for the sake of writing a blog post. I love you all and want to give you my best stuff.

As I was pondering what to do with my collection of wine corks, (yes I actually resist throwing things away that could possibly find a new life as something else), it occurred to me that I’ve met tons of single women and men who are in resistance rather than in attraction mode even as they declare their heartfelt desires for love. How do you know if you are hanging out in this counterproductive place? Based on my years of experience I’ve come up with three questions for you. These three questions when truthfully answered will speak volumes for you, if you can breathe, relax and consider what your answers might mean for you.

When asked why you are still single, do you say I’m really picky?

If you said yes to this question, you are operating in resistance mode. Most people are what I call discerning when it comes to selecting a life partner. You should be discerning or particular or whatever description you want to give the notion that you have standards. Of course you do, and you should. You’re not alone. Every happily coupled woman I’ve interviewed has set the bar high for her love mate, and so should you. This is different from hiding behind the facade of “I’m just too picky.” I’ve helped many women quickly and painlessly overcome this issue and I can help you too. I want you to be brave and admit you could use assistance from a love relationship expert, like me. Let’s talk – it won’t hurt a bit, I promise.

When asked why you are still single, do you say I’m too busy for a relationship?

Yes, you are busy as we all are, okay? Busy is not an excuse for not having the one thing that would make your life so much more pleasant, fun and really delicious. Work, hobbies, children, parents, or any other life stuff you can think of isn’t going to fill the empty void you feel by not having the love relationship you truly want. Our deepest desires cannot be rationalized away. What if, instead, you believed your desire for an authentic love connection held within it the answer that it is yours? In other words your very desire means you are meant to have it. Look, if this doesn’t make total sense to you, no worries. I understand and this is just one of those mysteries that my Love Coaching Program participants love learning more about. (By the way clicking the Love Coaching link above you can watch 6 short videos to learn more from me.)

Do you tell yourself or others, you haven’t found love yet because great partners are scarce or maybe even extinct?

Just last week I attended a workshop and heard a woman say something very similar to this. The speaker let her know right away that conscious or as I called them enlightened men do exist because she is married to one. So am I and so are many women and yes, you can be one of us. How would your approach to men and dating change if you believed what you are seeking is seeking you? Let’s talk about what’s stopping you from having the love relationship you desire. It can happen for you. I’m here to help you in a short three month Love Coaching Program. Ask yourself this: Where will you be 3 months from now, if you keep doing the same things you’ve been doing (including nothing for many of you) that have not given you the results you are seeking?

Of course, you don’t have to listen to me. I just hope you find a knowledgeable expert – someone who has the love relationship and marriage of their dreams and lives it every day, like I do. You wouldn’t hire a financial planner who doesn’t have their own personal finances in order would you? Contact me and let’s chat!

P.S. What did I use my wine corks for? Wine cork angels for my family and friends. Check out today’s picture.


Gayla Wick, Denver Love Coach and author of The Art of Attracting Authentic Love (A Transformational Four-Step Process) shows women how to go from frustrated and disappointed to attracting an authentic love match with confidence and clarity. Connect with her and get her free Top Ten Reasons Women are Still Single at














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