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  Don't sell yourself short - don't settle. There is someone out there for everyone. They may not have what society deems perfect - movie star good looks, an overflowing bank account, or an elite circle of friends, but more importantly; they'll make you laugh, feel safe and share your values. Go with your gut, not what everyone else tells you!  

Trista Sutter of The Bachelorette

I love Gayla's first-hand insight and conversational style. She proves to women and men that finding true love is possible with real-life stories that offer powerful insight. This book is for anyone that may doubt their soul mate is out there!

Marlow Felton, Author of Couples Money

Knowing Gayla as a professional, when her book, The Character of True Intimacy, Finding The Love of Your Life was published, I knew she captured an audience deserving of understanding the rights and wrongs of relationships. When I read the book, though, I realized that this was more than just reading for those seeking a meaningful relationship. It was about what many women have experienced in their lifetime with myself included. I thus concluded this was not just reading material for the "single" crowd, but one also for those of us in meaningful relationships. Everyone can relate to one or more of the stories and realize that we weren't "the only one" to experience these trials. Kudos to Gayla for her work and reaching out to all women.

Olga Hellweg Owner, Global Travel Unlimited Vacations

One of the most poignant points in this book is that trusting someone else is necessary for true intimacy. However, you must first trust yourself.The real power of this book is it contains real stories from real women! Filled with many nuggets this is a must read for anyone who wants to have a richer and more intimate relationship.

Audrey Nelson PhD

The Character of True Intimacy provides inspiration and stimulus through its heartfelt stories of countless women who opened their eyes - and their hearts - to end their desperation, step into their powerful and knowing selves, and connect deeply with their true life partner. This book is intelligent, and written with clarity, passion, and conviction - yet, it is also deeply personal in its approach. Gayla's own poignant narrative and inestimable wisdom from experience weave luminous threads through this tapestry of incredible stories. The Character of True Intimacy is full of practical insights that clearly emanate from warm and generous hearts and abundant mindsets. It's like having a profoundly enjoyable conversation with - and invaluable advice from - a group of your oldest and dearest friends. I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone interested in discovering the unimaginable freedom and elation that can come from experiencing true love.

Carol C. Leavitt, Management & Leadership Consultant

This book shares applicable and useful tips to not only attract the perfect partner, but Gayla makes it fun at the same time. You will love the stories about women who found love in their own personal journies. I would recommend this book to anyone who is in love, or wants to find love, male and female alike!

David Bronson Maestas, "WiseOne"

For those of us who are in a "true" relationship, Gayla's book is affirming. Gayla's conversational style makes this an engaging read. Through stories, Gayla weaves the threads that describe what creates a lasting, meaningful intimate relationship.


Thank you Gayla for writing this book. I enjoyed the folksy tone of it and the shared stories you used to illustrate all the different ways that true love can come to us. I found the authors perspective to be very identifiable and relevant. I found pieces of my life and experiences in so many of the womens stories featured in the book. We've all been there and thought, "That's it, I'm done - I'm just going to forget about love and find happieness and contentment in my own company" and then we go right back out there and start trying to force it to happen all over again. You read this book and realize, you do just have to be happy with yourself. Make room for someone to love and to love you back and then just go live your life. You just have to read this book to see what I mean. Start reading it when you have several hours to devote to it, because you won't want to put it down.


This is an very insightful book on the workings of finding true love & maintaining it : the author interviewed women (some famous, some not) in happy monogomous relationships to find out some of the important commonalities/lessons in meaningful relationships & true love. Mr/s Right does not have to be "Mr/s Perfect" (a movie star or rich man) but a considerate/caring individual to bring love, understanding & friendship into the relationships. There will be issues/challenges in any relationship, these can enrich/strengthen the relationship if resolved amicably without undo judgement. This is a great read for singles to help them find Mr/s Right/true love & for those in relationship/love to enhance theirs, the book comes highly recommended.

M. Mariba "the teacher"

The book is so easy to read, has a great flow to the text, and had I had more time I'd have read it through in one setting. It pulls the reader in and I could hardly put it down once I started reading. It's like a really good letter between friends.

The topics are in agreement and covered by current thinking in the related fields of counseling and self help. However, the book stands out because it is so easy to read, so conversational, and so real with the many shared interviews and life stories.

Thanks to the author for sharing with the world an intimate glimpse into her life and how past challenges along life's road are currently eased in a relationship that has and is meeting her needs.

A delightful read that should touch any heart, female or male!

M.G., Virginia







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